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Micram TIAs

The Micram TIA die product line is now a part of TriQuint Semiconductor, a leading global provider of innovative RF solutions.

Please contact TriQuint for all TIA die sales and support inquiries. However, Micram continues to supply brass-cased TIA modules for Labs.

Transimpedance Amplifiers at triquint.com

TriQuint Semiconductor home page

The Micram range of 28-56G TIAs developed out of 20 years of experience with TIA designs ranging from 2.5G to 40G. Unlike other high speed TIAs designed to work with a single, specific photodiode, Micram TIAs are designed to be universal, with many options and user-configurable features, including fully adjustible bandwidth, offset adjustments and output amplitude control. No matter what is happening at the input, Micram TIAs can be configured to produce a perfect output signal. As a result of these unique features, Micram TIAs will perform well with any photodiode.

All Micram TIAs are differential in/differential out, which enables the lowest possible noise and consistent high performance at the greatest distances. When desired, all Micram TIAs can also be deployed as single-ended devices by providing 50? termination at one input.

Micram TIAs are available as brass-cased modules equipped with K- or V-connectors for use in fiber-optical prototyping and measurement applications.

The following modules are available (please select from Article Index at the top of this page to see details):

Available now
TIA56TIA 30 GHz adjustable bandwidth
TIA 27 GHz adjustable bandwidth, peak level detector, and offset adjustment
TIA56RTIA 35 GHz adjustable bandwidth, amplitude adjustment, no input resistor (single and quad die)
TIA28 TIA 17 GHz adjustable bandwidth, peak level detector, and offset adjustment
TIA4C-5633 56 Gb/s Quad TIA (3.3V)
56 Gb/s Quad TIA (5.2V)
56 Gb/s TIA (3.3V)
56 Gb/s TIA (5.2V)

To access the detailled datasheets and application notes or to request a quotation please leave us a message in our contact area.